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Research Area

The Emotional Training Center (ETC) is a NGO which was founded in 2012 by Doctor Schiralli’s research team. It specialises in clinical research, evaluation and planning of educational programs based on the principles of the Emotional Intelligence and the Emotional Training.

In particular we specialize in research and publishing of the following subjects:

  • Early bonding between mother and child;

  • Neurobiological mechanisms related to developmental psychology, education and relation between parents and children;

  • Approval of trials and programs related to the promotion of prevention and wellness in schools for example the prevention of bullying, behaviour problems and violent behaviour and classroom management strategies.

Moreover the ETC conducts various projects of divulgation both in Italy and in Europe related to the Emotional Training. It aims to prevent general anxiety between children and teenagers in both school and family.

Doctor Rosanna Schiralli is the president of ETC.

For further information, feel free to contact us.

tel. 0761 307845

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