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Every year students (from primary school, secondary school and colleges ) appear more and more destitute and unmotivated, while teachers look stressed, overtired and disoriented.

In the family environment things don’t look better: the relationship between children and parents appear more and more difficult and tiring while discussions between families and teachers grow in difficulty.

Educational projects which are proposed here aim to help students, teachers and parents in recuperating the most correct modalities of communication. Thanks to this, children (from a very young age), preteens and adolescents can then grow healthy, peaceful and strong.

The basic program and the courses (which are listed below), aim to give you knowledge and to divulge a prevention and intervention plan dedicated to youth anxiety. We also stress to promote the wellness in the developmental age based on the principles and the techniques of the EL.

The basic program is called Didactics of emotions and is a solid model of flexible intervention suitable for schools with the age range being between 4 and 16.


The Didactics of emotions is a project related to an efficient primary prevention aimed to both promote and build the wellness at school. From the beginning of Primary School, this new intervention format gives to teachers the opportunity to put in practice efficient factors which may protect pupils. At the same time this format reduces risk factors such as general suffering and maladjustment.

The Didactics of emotions is an efficient, versatile and compatible format:

  • Its efficiency has been tested on a huge cross-section of persons through a meticulous scientific methodology. The survey has revealed significant results related to the increase of the protection factors and the consequent reduction of general anxiety;

  • It is a versatile format which can be applied to every school with pupils attending from 4 to 16 years old. It can deal with also different problems such as pathological dependences (alcohol, technology, drugs, food and many others) and all the other anxiety disorders which include bullying’s effects;

  • Thanks to its peculiarities and its properties it is a compatible format which can be applied to every school without interfering in the normal educational activities. Moreover it doesn’t constitute an extra work load for teachers and its costs are more than affordable.

Mainly the Didactics of emotions is about introducing a sequence of scientifically tested procedures, techniques and strategies in the normal educational activities (from Nursery to the first years of High School) . this is aimed at helping pupils to identify and manage their emotions in the most correct way.

The scientific literature (Goleman, Gottman, Mariani, Schiralli) agrees that by increasing the emotional competencies it is an efficient protection factor against the most popular general anxiety disorders and pathological dependences ( drug addictions, anorexia, bulimia, internet dependence, alcoholism etc) during the adolescence.

Usually teachers can apply the procedures related to the Didactics of emotions during the normal development of lessons. They can easily apply this methodology after attending a training course (both practical and theoretical) of 8-10 hours. The competencies which have been assimilated will become part of the school’s endowments and may be used in order to qualify its POF.

The Didactics of emotions is already being used in many schools both in Italy and in foreign countries. Many brilliant results have been obtained among the students who were previously involved in this project as stated by the significant decrease in use of drugs, the decrease of bullying, aggressive behaviour or other emotional difficulties.

Our methodology has been tested on a significant number of students with a consequent achievement of remarkable goals.

This assessment trial was able to be realized thanks to a one and a half year project financed by the Region of Lazio and the National Fund for Drug Control (Regional Decree no 632/05). The experimentation has also been gradually introduced into the districts of Grosseto and Naples, obtaining the same brilliant results.

Our refresher courses (research programmes)

Bullying prevention

( 4 hours intensive course)

This course is aimed to recommend intervention strategies and operating procedures to the teachers so that they may activate an efficient anti-bullying policy.

-The way to decode sufferance in children and adolescents. How to help pupils in difficulty.

( 4 hours intensive course)

The objective of this course is to provide the teachers the right tools to identify and decoding the warning signs of anxiety expressed by the pupils in order to give them the adequate help.

-Alimentary behaviour disorders. Anorexya, bulimia and other food dependencies.

( 4 hours intensive course)

This course will face all the aspects of these pathologies which are very common in teenage years. All the signs, symptoms, causes and interventions will be treated in detail in order that teachers may face and handle this phenomenon with competence.

New drugs, internet dependence and other technological addictions.

( 4 hours intensive course)

This course is designed to deal with the new drugs and new addictions which are quickly spreading within the new generations. A huge overview on these problems will help every teacher to understand their causes but more importantly to prevent and intervene on them promoting wellness in the class.

-Interpretation of childish drawing

(6 hours theoretical and practical course)

This course aims to help teachers in Nurseries and Primary Schools. It provides the correct tools to discover the meaning and the importance of childish drawing.

-Brain rules: management of tantrum and anger ; how to cope with conflicts and provocations from our children and from our pupils.

(4 hours intensive course)

This course aims to introduce both to families and teachers how to cope with conflicts and provocations from our children and from our pupils. It will show the advantages of these rules designed to limit children’s impulses transforming them into manageable emotions

Please contact us for further information on the educational projects and the courses.

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How to become (almost) perfect parents!

Many things have been said about education, children, teenagers and their behaviour; on the other hand every parent strives to help their children and to raise them properly.

Sometimes parents can feel disoriented and unaware to which actions to take and which are supposed to be correct. Too many incompatible opinions, too many difficult theories to follow, but most importantly too many questions without adequate answers.

“What’s wrong with sleeping all together in our double bed?”

“How long should I breastfeed my baby?”

“Our son wants to go out every night. Should we allow this?”

“How to get my son to follow the rules even though he’s fifteen and he is taller than me?

“What should I do if my son is disrespectful to me, answers back and never listen to me?

Considering the growing disorientation of the parents concerning the way to educate their children, our Centre has designed a specific educational path based on the principles of the Emotional Intelligence and the Emotional Learning.
It is directed at parents, grandparents, teachers, educators and at anyone who is interested in the educational matter.

Our offer aims to cooperate with Authorities, Institutions, Network of Enterprises and Trade Associations. It is for anyone who wishes to constitute a motivated team and who wants to learn the principles and the application of the Emotional Learning. The objective is the mutual understanding between parents and their children so that they may grow up strong, peaceful and independent.

These are the subject matters which will be studied during our meetings:

Brain rules

How to give self confidence to our children

Parenthood and educational style

Emotions which help to grow up

Management of discords with our children

How to deal with discords, tantrum and anger of our children

The profession of being a parent. A practical guide on relations between parents and children

The Emotional Learning at school: how to build-up the relation between school and family

Other subjects may be agreed and tailored on the customer’s needs.

If you are interested in starting-up a Family School in your city, feel free to contact us for further information and quotations.

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