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Ulisse Mariani

Ulisse Mariani is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Since 1982 he has been working at Viterbo’s Local Health Center. In the last 15 years he has been working on scientific research related to the Emotional Education in both psychological and neurophysiologic environments. His researches have been followed by several clinical trials conducted in different parts of Italy. He coordinates the training planning as well as planning refresh courses for teachers, health workers and parents. The main themes are wellness promotion and general anxiety prevention for children and teenagers, with a particular attention to aggressive behaviour and pathological dependences.

He is also a writer and has published several books containing researches and scientific articles concerning Health Education, prevention, adult psychopathology, bullying, psychiatry and Emotional Education.

He collaborates with many national radios and tv broadcasts.

Rosanna Schiralli

Rosanna Schiralli is a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

She has an extensive experience in General Anxiety Disorder Treatment for adults and children, teenagers and families.

She has been teaching Philosophy and Sciences of Learning in Viterbo.

In 2004 she obtained the prize Ukmar related to National Scientific Literature in Infant Neuropsychiatry .

She has published several psychology texts and handbooks for parents and teachers.

She currently teaches at the Parent Institute “Impresa Famiglia”.

She coordinates and organizes many training activities related to Development Psychology and Emotional Education for parents and teachers.

She cooperates with Doctor Mariani in several scientific researches and experimentations related to Emotional Training.

Francesca Mencaroni
Francesca Mencaroni is a psychologist and a trainee psychotherapist . She works with teachers and parents, training them on subjects related to the Developmental Psychology and about Emotional Education.

She also collaborates with clinical activities at Doctor Schiralli’s Centre in Viterbo. She also works as a tutor at the Psychotherapy Training School specializing in Cognitive and Behavior Therapy situated in Rome (Under the Scientific Direction of Paolo Meazzini).

Mariagrazia Mari
She is a psychologist and psychotherapist who has been collaborating for years with Doctor Schiralli at her Clinical Centre based in Viterbo. She is mainly involved in teenage and children therapy related to general anxiety disorders.

She also collaborates as well with schools through help desk activities and consultations directed to teachers, students and families.

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